05 November 2017

World In My Hands

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I held the whole world in my hands.

Sitting at the sea, I could see it so clear
If I was Simply C, she would still be here.
Complicated Me, complicated peace
With her i bore all … instead of just a piece.

I held the whole world in my hands.

No words reserved; no inhibitions.
Cards on the table,
Moving forward I wanted no suspicions.
No second guessing my past decisions.
I said things I promised never to mention.
Truth and facts so close.and yet so distant.
I shared both to close the distance…
My every life hope was within inches
In fact, i’ve hugged and kissed it.
Actions, Choices and Consequences.
Even with 2nd chances, I wouldn’t change an instance.
Damn its tough knowing that this feeling exists
I cannot except that this love comes in and exits…
So quick,

I held the whole world in my hands.

i looked at it, laid with it.
Laughed in the bed,
Cooked and played with it.
It spit in my face…
And I was more than okay with it.
I love you more than i like you.
I like you enough to not fight you.
There are wrongs that I’m writing
In songs that some say are inspiring.
Yet my actions, unlike my dick, keep backfiring.

I held the whole world in my hands.

I’m on the cusp of greatness once more.
Can my soul take the egos and hate once more.
Attention leads to dissent and creative dissension
“She sought to create”… an honorable mention.
I meet my goals and miss my loves.
Ive fathered wrongs; the offsprings hurt.

i held the whole world in my hands.

And i let her go.
A soul “Soul- Beautiful.”
She exists for the first time ever.
And now i know.
Many have loved me. Some I loved back.
This love is forever…
And I will forever believe that.

I will hold the world in my hands…