We are at the crossroads
Of Danger and Opportunity!

Truth has been twisted,
Tempers have been tampered with.

A Universal Realignment has commenced,

Our New Vibes require New Vibrations!

“OKAY is the music of that new era.”
– A.M.

Music tuned to the Frequency of Nature…
Is in tune with you!


Hey, I’m Not Your Everyday Politician, I’m Different.
I Don’t Believe In Politicking,But Listen.
The System’s About To Crash, My Friends,
So I Come With A Grin And A Small List Of Demands.
It Seems We Ran Out Of Money, Again!
And The World’s Gonna End!
You Must Fund Us! My Friends!
Better Yet, If You Elect Me Again…
This Is The Last Time
You’ll See This Happen My Friends!
I’m Gonna Balance This Budget And Then
I’ll Need Nothing From You Again!
Trust Me My Friends!
Until Then, You’ll Complain
And Mumble With Friends
While I’m Off On A Plane…
With A Lobbyist Again.
I’m Not Smiling Because
I Think You’re Dummies, My Friends.
I Think It’s Funny How
I’ll Spend Your Money Again!
I’m Just Your Everyday Politician.
No Different.
I Believe In Division.
So Listen… My Friends!


These Two Raised Their Hands Again.
I Guess They Have Questions And
I Don’t Know The Answers, Damn
How Should I Address Them?
Maybe Just Ignore Their Gestures.
Yeah, I’ll Recite The Lesson Plan.
Enough Time For Them To Forget Their Questions.
Then I Can Proceed To The Lecture
And Start Programming Them Again With Conjecture.
I Can Relieve Some Pressure After
I Make Them Much Better Standardized Testers.
The System Needs More “Yes-Sirs”
No Room Made For All Of The Questioners.
Can’t Let The Hand-Raisers Mess My Lesson Up.
They Should Say “Okay” Like The Rest Of Us.
The Best Of Us Convince Your
Parents That The Rest Of Us
Can Reach You Better Than The
Teachers That You Choose And Trust.
Right About Now I Have Had Enough.
“I’m The Teacher.
Hand’s Down.
Listen Up!”


You Say ‘Okay’ To Teachers, And Preachers…
And Politicians That Play Games
While You’re Cheering In The Bleachers.
You Say ‘Okay’ To Bankers.
And In Return They Thank Ya.
And Later Take Away Everything They Gave You.
You Say ‘Okay’ To Governments.
When The Only Thing They’re Governing…
Is How To Spend Your Funds Again.
You Say ‘Okay’ To Leaders,
That Only Lead The Line
Because You Never Asked “Why?”
You Just Jumped In Behind.
I’ve Been Asked To Lead.
I’m Saying, “People Please,
Read In-Between The Lines
And Then Walk Next To Me.”
I’m Seeking The Best Of We.
It’s My Destiny.
I’m Digging Past The Weeds
And Still Planting All My Seeds.
You Can Try To Stop Me.
Knowledge Is Like Trees.
Lose It You Can’t Breathe.
Give Us, Us Free, Man
Amistad, “Give Us, Us Free!”

Tell The People Anything…
They’ll Believe It.
Make It Look Pretty…
They’ll Receive It.
You Got The World In Your Hands!
Make It Fast!
They’re Buying What You Selling.
Buying What You Selling.


Written By: Christiano Can & KAE
Mixed by: Christiano Can & Labros Liaropoulos
Recorded by: Labros Productions
Mastered by: Labros Productions

Drums: John Runefelt
Bass & Guitar: Labros Liaropoulos
2nd Guitar: Garrett Smith
Organ: John Runefelt & Gabriel Jekel
Congas: Santiago Torres
Saxophone: Abel Haile
Female Vocal Lead: KAE
Background Vocals: Lucia “LewChiYah” Tuffano & Bassie Blue
Lead Vocals: Christano Can