Will You Love For Love?

From the moment Micah Sky jumped on stage
at #TheCanJam Costa Rica, there was magic!

And then, when asked to share his original music
at our rehearsal, Labros, Seth, Carter, Jordon,
and I all remarked on the beauty of the song.

At the humble request of Micah, Jordon Viera and
I both dropped verses during the session. It was
already complete without us.

There are more to come, however, this is the First song
I’ve ever shared that I had no role in creating.

Warriors – Micah Sky

I will not be numbed
I will not succumb
To hate, greed, and malice
I will not be machine
And trade in my dreams
For power, comfort or status
I will not march
In the war of hate
And I will not die
For the corporate state
I follow my heart
And free my mind
I fight for love
Cause now is time

I’m a soldier of joy
I’m a soldier of love
I’m a soldier of happiness
I will fight to nourish
Minds and bodies and souls
I will fight for the good
Of all the people
I will not be bought
I will not be sold
I will not be taught
To fit the mould
I will not break
And I will not fake
For all my love
Is what’s at stake

We need to stand and fight
We need to fight for love

Will you fight for love?
Will you love for love?


released April 17, 2020
Written, produced and performed by Micah Sky


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