17 April 2020

Will You Love For Love?

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From the moment Micah Sky jumped on stage
at #TheCanJam Costa Rica, there was magic!

And then, when asked to share his original music
at our rehearsal, Labros, Seth, Carter, Jordon,
and I all remarked on the beauty of the song.

At the humble request of Micah, Jordon Viera and
I both dropped verses during the session. It was
already complete without us.

There are more to come, however, this is the First song
I’ve ever shared that I had no role in creating.

Warriors – Micah Sky

I will not be numbed
I will not succumb
To hate, greed, and malice
I will not be machine
And trade in my dreams
For power, comfort or status
I will not march
In the war of hate
And I will not die
For the corporate state
I follow my heart
And free my mind
I fight for love
Cause now is time