Why Edward Snowden?


Before Edward Snowden’s name was ever known,
I had read and viewed dozens of investigative reports
That spoke of a nefarious scheme of world population
In motion and actively progressing.

Before Snowden, William Binney worked for the National
Security Agency as a code-breaker for more than 30 years.
At a conference in 2014, he said “their ultimate goal is
total population control.”

William Binney was a senior ranking official, who stepped down
From the same organization (NSA) Snowden worked for as a contractor.
Binney reported, confirmed and elaborated on the same happenings
As Snowden.

Why then did Edward Snowden enter the MOST WANTED LIST
when others had shared and written about the same things
for decades?

The reason Edward Snowden was attacked and became
a martyr known is because:
• (1) Snowden provided, previously unseen, documentation and

We have to connect the dots. 
The truth-sayers have done their part.
Listen and discern,
It may sound “unbelievable.”

#PizzaGatewas the code-break
to end an era!

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