… While Activated

When your comfort zone is tested, it is easy to

follow the path of least resistance.

“The Path of Least Resistance” is not the same as
“Going With The Flow.”

Your SOUL GUIDES will not be your “BEST FRIENDS”
They will be the beings that ruffle your triggers,
That test your truth and challenge your comfort.

Embrace the depth of these experiences
and Go Deep!

When someone stands in their truth they shine
a light so bright that it is unbearable to those
not standing in their own light.

The LIGHT CODES will increasingly bombard
every sentient being on the planet.

3D Codes are Swirling
5D Codes are Rising

Breathe, listen and discern with your inner ears.

There is deep compassion for The Resistant.

Those who couldn’t see and avoided this truth
– and the bearers of it – are coming into view.

You will not be penalized for being resistant to
What you did not know.

The Mechanisms purposely separating The World
from empowering awareness are sputtering
and crumbling in a tumultuous demise.

We are in an epic emancipation time!

Some are deeply overwhelmed and confused
as they seek a new way to breathe, live and be
in a new energetic, abundant and light filled reality.

Partner with your CONSCIOUS BREATHING!

BREATHING will be the strongest asset as the
new energetic Earth rises.

There is a LONG JOURNEY HOME for those who
are aware of the voyage that has commenced.

You are loved
You are love!
I Love you!

– MrCanCan –

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