13 September 2017

When I Go Back H.O.M.E.

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a week ago today, Michael and I walked to the beach for (what I consider to be) our first creative conversation. Michael asked me a question. A question I attempted to answer 5 times, whilst being cut off, before asking that he grant me the space to address his inquiry.

Michael was cutting of what he presumed to be my ego. After, I was allowed to share without interruption, there were no further questions or ego-based acts. I welcome Michael and his creative contributions H.O.M.E. with open arms. (For the record, I started my answer all five times with “For the first time, I’m going to invite people to my Home.”)

a week ago today, Keisha accepted my obscure invitation to visit me at H.O.M.E. after a 4 minute conversation. in that moment, I wasn’t able to find the words to express what was being created. That detail didn’t discourage someone who spoke the same inaudible language as I. 

Keisha visited us at H.O.M.E. and we started to stir the pot of possibilities. She shared her vision, her current goals and her talents with us through the early morning hours. Each moment validated the need, desire and niche for what is growing at H.O.M.E. 

one month ago, i shared with Ed that I had chosen the place to build a H.O.M.E. for creatives. my update to Ed was in continuance of a conversation we started months ago. we shared an interest in creating a place where creatives not only meet, greet and eat… but more importantly… creating a space where creatives collaborate.

two months ago, Jason and I started a conversation about H.O.M.E. well before I had to words to describe all that I could foresee Jason expressed his confidence in me with a hug and nod. we’ve yet to face our toughest tests, however you cannot stop something that never starts…. and we have started to build H.O.M.E.

on Sept 30th, with a platform extended by Hai, I will share what H.O.M.E. is for the first time. H.O.M.E. is the culmination of all the conversations and considerations I’ve experienced in the past 6 years. It’s the bottleneck bursting open. It’s the Thank You to everyone who ever opened their home, kitchen, arms or mind to me.

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