20 November 2012

When Christiano Can Met Bob Brozman

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I have had the opportunity to cross paths with many amazing musicians from the world-round. Singers, songwriters, guitarist, drummers, violinist, etc… Most of the interactions were the result of my travels for music combined with my musings in music.

After a decade away from song writing, I picked up the pen 368 days ago… and penned “Born.” Between my farewell and Nov 17, 2011, I ‘played’ the business game with various pursuits though my heart-song was always guiding me back to where I am now… music. It took a talented combination of Blue, B-One, Kashanna and Christian to bring it from the background to the foreground.

I was in the jungle singing to the trees and free-styling to the sounds of the toucans with Junior Palmer only months before it all hit. I was blessed with the presence and wonderful wordplay of a Clara Evelyn for months before I got my mojo back. I was serenaded by the sounds of Jessie Chick for many months before I stopped to listen and fully inhale what was floating in the air. And for all these pieces that pieced my puzzle together, no matter the circumstances it took, I am thankful.

In the past few months, I have been in the presence of talent that could not be measured nor properly described within the limits of wording. In continuation of building the rock star army that Loveless and I spoke of many nights alone while crammed in the Rocking J Studio that he crafted, I have crossed paths with a being who’s talents, skills, passion and manners come second to none.

On Nov 16, I was invited to see a show featuring an artist whose name and feats were mentioned to me 12 years ago. It was after a poetry set featuring Khari B, Malik Yusef, myself a few others that a group of 3 pulled me to the side and shared their kind words on my work. They then mentioned this person’s name and asked if I’d ever heard of him. I hadn’t and admittedly, I didn’t look up or research his work at the time… though I never forgot his name and the enthusiasm with which they referenced his work.

2 months ago, after a show in the Caribe, I was again pulled aside and asked if I knew this person. This time they were sharing an interest in me and him connecting because they felt that I had the ability to break out of the standard formatting of song making… the typical 4/4 music and rhythms that almost every genre has adapted and made their own. I heard this person but didn’t fully understand until I met Bob Brozman. <— You should search youtube for his videos!

On a short trip to Paris, I was invited out to see a blues show in Ivry sur Siene. It was here that the inevitable occurred. For over 90 minutes, I sat but a few meters away from a man so connected to music that he was literally his own note on stage. I had traveled over 5500 miles with a window of less than 48 hours to see Bob… and our timing and meeting couldn’t have been more ‘perfect.’

After his show, my entourage was prepared to leave but something more than fate compelled me to reach out and speak to this guitar-god. So we exchanged information in a matter of minutes and communicated online that night. The next day we met. He, his beautiful wife and myself shared a meal, songs and life events surrounded by music. It was in this sitting that Bob and I spoke on what we could and would do together. Based on our conversation, I could already ‘feel’ the changes built on the foundation of my past and present in preparation for our future musical offerings. He’s about to open the Can.

We talked about the history of sound and shared theories, rhetoric and logic about music. I think we are equally excited about the prospect of what is to come. We’re’ literally creating the ‘heart song’ which involves the chemistry of music (which will be expounded upon later). When Blue saw the videos, his first comment was “That guy can really play. When can I meet him?”

I was and still are elated beyond measure to be working on music with Bob Brozman. He asked me something along the lines of… “If I push you to sync your lyrics another way… will you be okay with that?” Of course my response was “Of Course.” I’m game for any challenge … especially those related to music on this level. I mean when I was in my down time, away from music, I was with Yngwie Malmsteen (another guitar god) though I wasn’t remotely compelled to rock out. It had nothing to do with him… it was all me.

So now with Blue on the project for “Inbetween The Lines” album and Bob Brozman on board for whatever we may create… I am currently in a state of bliss. This is only the beginning. The rock star army now has a guitar god. It’s about to get even more interesting.

I think Bob and I can create a lane not yet defined in music…
I think… ☺

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