28 December 2001

What It Is

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I’ve been in relationship after relationship,
Or sinking ship after sinking ship.
I did not like her.
Not her feet, not her toes,
Not her lips, not her nose.
I was young and blinded.
Shallow minded by looks that would make a whiplash victim turn twice.

I didn’t realize what love was,
Until I found out what love wasn’t.

I realized that I liked you because (people said)
we were “cute” together…
But from the start, the Alpha, the beginning
nothing between us got better.
We are not alike, not similar, not close
not mentally compatible.

You wanna talk about some cute shoe strings
And I wanna talk about what the stars meant to you.

You want to play games on the phone
And I wanted to find & seek and soothe your soul.

You think love & appreciation are shown
Thru gifts and idle time.
I think love never leaves … and grows
With verbal expressions of heart & mind.

Look, I thank you for your time.
I thank you for being you.
It is what it is.

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