What is Blame?

At times, my moments of silence, or percieved inaction, have fueled additional confusion and magnified issues that could have been diffused.

I’ve taken the blame for situations, rather than give explanations or feed into arguments. This video explains why I may have done more harm than good in such instances.

“we create & hold on to pain, anger and other harmful emotions out of a need for security, but, also (let’s be honest) because it hurts so good. – Rosalina Edwards”

“if it ain’t love
that you get from me,
then its a lesson learned
from a mystery.
please tell me
the difference between
love, a lesson learned
and a mystery.”
we meet once
next time we meet our changes
keep flipping these life pages
i feel pain yet i won’t claim it
even if it’s because of you,
i won’t name it
my hand is stretched to help a friend
my pain is named blameless
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