05 April 2020

What Happens Next Is Up To You

WOW – wait, what?!

The world just changed really (really) fast!
Coupled with the thickening air of uncertainty,
Doubt has become a global constant.

With a focus on health, digesting valid information,
taking conscious action, and staying positive,
we can collectively overcome this chaos
and be stronger because of it.

NOW – let’s build!!!

If you have read this far …
what happens next is “Up To You!

Depression & Suicide are the real consequences of
our current world affairs. This not talked about enough!

Conversations revealed that before this major world shift,
all over the world, many of my Creative Peers were
on the brink of depression with finances being the lead concern.
… And now there are so many more compounded Stress factors!

WHAT TO DO? Simple! 

(1) Please reach out to someone whom you haven’t spoken
to in a while
… Just to say “Hello!” You have NO idea what this
could mean to a person who feels alone and invisible.
This can be done whilst recognizing SOCIAL DISTANCING.

(2) Share this message with anyone who may have dealt with,
is dealing with or knows someone who may be dealing with
anxiety, depression or thoughts of suicide.