I. Am.

31 May 2018

Break Up Song Remix (Unfuckwithable)

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(adj.) When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.
(adj.) Describes an individual that does not allow themselves to be taunted or bothered by another human being.

“I got more self-worth for her than her
I gotta leave space for her to hurt
Who hurts more then? me or her?
I saw it before, so its twice occurred
She’s bugged out, Lice in hair
She’s driving wild, no license here
Why do i sense she so insincere
Vulnerable and dangerously insecure
I’m everything she wants
When there’s no distance near
I give her a little space
She dips in-between her doubts and fears
None of that exist when i’m there
Even time disappears
I know more about the source of her childhood hurts
And why our pursuit of a child ain’t work
I know more about her current pains than she
And why she errantly claimed the energy drain was me
Our love is not in question
Self-love is the only lesson
She’s yet to let set-in
Learning to discern a guide
From the guise of manipulation.
I know i’m hard to like and easy to love
I know i’m oddly awkward, weird as fuck
I am. I am.
I am the wake-up call
i know who the fuck i am,
i’m unfuckwithable!”