Try Mo Harder (Reference)

Yesterday, Alex asked if I would be interested in practicing Try Mo Harder with Joseph. TMH was written shortly after Born. The pause between her question and my response was largely due in part to the first and last time I heard Joseph play the guitar. The first time was at a bonfire where he was finagling his way through a song that sounded like it could be part of the (Untitled) movie soundtrack. The last time my ears were within range, I heard him croon original tunes that were on the brink of majestic. “Yeah Alex, let’s rock with him and see what happens.”

This evening after a few laughs, rounds of the spliff and some great bread provided by Patricia… I asked Joseph if he would like to play around with the song. My question was accompanied with a swift motion that translated into “Let’s Rock!”

He picked up the guitar and I started to sing the melody of “I’m not giving up/ La-La-La-La-Lah” until he had a rough handle on the notes. Shortly thereafter, Alex grabbed the guitar to play the base chords and we practiced for some time as the chemistry between the 3 of us began thicken.

David Knight showed up during the early parts of the practice session. He was invited to Saab Kuch to play his music as Alex was considering giving him the stage to share/play his music. David is passionate about his music… and rightfully so. Not only does he love music, he’s been without the tools and means to make music for quite some time. I’ve been asking/pushing/pulling for him to get reset up and back at it and now he has. This wasn’t the day for him to play as we asked for him to turn the music down on multiple occasions as we practiced. Noticeably irritated, he exited… not in angst but with the passionate presence I’ve come to know well that said, “I’ll be back!” (Terminator voice)

Alex, Joseph and I practiced time and time again. Jeanie a new comer to the area joined us for the first time along with Beachbum Billy, Loveless and Gabe. It was suggested by Loveless that we go to the studio and record the song. Though this was the first day we’d even practiced together, I was game, Alex had never visited the studio that had sat next to her for over 6 months and Joseph would play the guitar upon request in hell to a deaf demon… so we proceeded to the studio.

After a few “ooh’s” and “aah’s” at the decor and ambiance of the studio, Loveless and I tested the audio initially in preparation of a full studio test run. In the midst of all the preparation, I got lost with Alex and Joseph in the recording room. Instead of focusing on the sound being recorded, we focused on continuing the energy being shared from our practice sessions.

We actually were unaware that we were “recording” as we were in full practice mode oblivious to the small rocorder I placed on the stool next to the door. It wasn’t until after the session was over that I realized I had possibly captured a gem.

Upon replaying, I think this raw take of the song is phenomenal. Mederick summed it up well… “Remember those old Bob Marley songs recorded with the natural reverb in some miscellaneous lounge on a one take that wasn’t really meant to be shared… that’s what you guys just did and it sounds awesome. Classic material!”

… and so we have, Try Mo Harder (Acoustic).

Recorded: 6/19/2012
Alex Fairy – Guitar
Joseph – Guitar
Christiano Can – Finger Guitar Thingy

[ Chorus] I try so hard
I’m not giving up
I’ll try mo harder
I fell a lot
I’ll keep getting up
I’ll try mo harder

[Verse 1] When I get back home
All I’ll hear is “Hey C,
How the heck has it going?
Long time no see fam,
Tell me man, what have you been doing?”
I’ve been doing a lotta me man
Skipped out on a lotta business meetings.
Started to make an album
To better explain my beliefs then
Jumped in the jungle
To plant the seeds of what I’m eating
Opened a restaurant
To eat and share what I’m thinking
Broke some hearts along the way
But not because I was cheating
Only because I had to carve a path
Towards all I believe in

I try so hard
I’m not giving up
I’ll try mo harder
I fell a lot
But I’ll keep getting up
I’ll try mo harder

[Verse 2] I’ve been called crazy and
In the same sentence amazing
Im saying, i can see some of our impossible’s changing
Like a future can exist that money does not make it in
A world where stop playing silly games
That we cannot win
I say these exact same things in most conversations
And I get looks like I’m speaking
An unknown foreign language.
I can’t quit, it’s not me, Forrest Gump,
Only I can stop my feet and right now I’m floating,
In the clouds with no fear in loathing.

I try so hard
I’m not giving up
I’ll try mo harder
I fail a lot
But Ill keep getting up
I’ll try mo harder

[Verse 3] When im done, Im soon gone
No need to ask for permission
I’m on a mission to show
What’s been done and share another option,
I’m tired of watching all the brain washing
I talking proceed with caution
Too many let fear stop them
I’m not them, though I got them
On my path as I’m growing, going
Through these daily phases
Towards my stage and fate of soaring
When im done, theyll say
“Hey, Where the heck has he gone!!?”
Of to another star Look up y’all,
I’m in one heck of a zone

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