16 June 2016

Trust She

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The has only been one woman I’ve met that I could trust enough to (1) turn my back on, thus allowing me to keep focus on oncoming threats and/or goals AND (2) who wouldn’t share things she knew were private for the sake of adding discord and discourse for her advantage.

JRD is second to none.  This is largely due to the fact that she has life experience.  She relayed to me a relationship she once had with someone that required discretion.  One day her partner preceded a conversation with, Ï want to tell you this now, so that there are no surprises if you hear something later or things start to happen, you know that I have shared it with you first.”

Their times together were adventurous.  She shared this with me because she could sense that I had more to share than what was currently being put out.  She was correct.  I have carried so much privately because I have seen how the walls of trust are torn down during emotional outbursts.  She told me that I could trust her and that if ever I needed someone to confide in, know that she would be the vault upon which I could place my souls discord.