TRUMP & JFK – Same Enemy, (hopefully) A Different End Result

– What would it take for you to look at TRUMP’s past 4 years objectively?
– Do you know what the Deep State is?
– Have you ever researched the SHADOW GOVERNMENT?

I have listened to people rant about Donald Trump since
early 2016.  Upon returning to Costa Rica from Sweden,
I could hear people from around the world enter the brewery
and rant about this man.

I did not understand it.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate.

I did not understand why they were so opposed to this guy
being president – with so much added angst and hate.

Yes, there are so many questionable and appalling actions
associated with Trump.

And even still, I choose to delve deeper because the rhetoric spewing
from the mouths of my articulate and discerning counterparts
was uncanny.

And so I started to read and listen more to what Trump actually said.
And started to look at what was reported vs what was stated.


QAnon could be a Psych-op
Mainstream Media is a Psych-op.


Justified Bias

I recall the Central Park 5 incident years ago,
And Trumps refusal to admit an error once they were exonerated.

We all make mistakes.
Sometimes admitting error is the most difficult thing.

I know people more stubborn, racist, sexist, and narcissistic than
the public persona of Donald Trump.

Being wrong should not make you the indefinite villain.


There is a war going on.

This is a war that we all see, however, it is not clear as to
how deep and far-reaching it goes.

It may be hard to believe, but there has not been a president in office
poised and positioned to uncover the “Deep State” like JFK was going
to do… until Trump entered the office.

It’s quite disheartening to see that the individuals adversely effected by the deep state
are fighting TRUMP at the same time he’s fighting them.

Just to be clear,
I don’t like Trump nor do I like Politics.

I do like to know what is going on
and refuse to jump in the bandwagon with people
who have done no research,
no critical thinking and
are too distracted by past biases.

2 Clips: Trumps vs The Shadow Government

Here is a clip from Kevin Shipp, probably the most famous EX-CIA agent alive,
cautiously sharing what he can about the DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT
vs Donald Trump


The last time someone came this close to uprooting the Shadow Government,
We ended up with “The Magic Bullet.”

We are in the midst of a shit show,
And unless you do some research,
You’re likely adding more shit to a pile
That adversely effects YOU!



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