Too Many Kanye’s

It’s gotta stop now (x3)

Look at the stage
You damn right, man
It’s too many Ye’s
Who can repeat the “College Dropout?”
Not even Ye
He’s had too many days
Stuck in the daze
Of his own gaze
When does The Dropout drop out?
The old Ye’s in the grave
What new is gonna drop now?
Saying Young Thug
Means your life should stop now
The rest of this crap
Repetitive beats
Ignorant speech
Gibberish rap
Commercialized trap
How could this be?
You mean to tell me D4L’s
Atlanta snap beats
Became the base of Pop-sound
Damn ya’ll, remember Luke’s legal standoff
For video vixen to take their pants off
Now it’s over the top, with no scorn
BET uncut was blatant soft porn
Nikki Minaj before her sexual barrage
When her ass was real that’s when we met
And that’s real talk
When your jewellery is too bright to see real life
Selling a debt dream to families with no lights
You’re busting your guns for fun and funds
And the next day you’re marching for Black Life
No racial divides, I ain’t taking no sides
I’m here venting on a song, man, to bring back life
You’re praising bought bodies
While natural black bodies
Become 2nd thoughts
Man, that’s ill!!!
Right now, somehow, that’s real.
Manufactured Catered Appeal
I’m unable to feel.
It’s gotta stop now (x4)

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