TinFoilTales: “Pieces of the Pizza “

I share for collective discernment.
I know nothing.

If you’ve ever “met” me, you would agree
that I am one of the most private / secretive people you now.
I am cryptic and often speak in “codes”
that I “try” to explain away as speaking poetically.
There is a reason for this.

But first, Let’s talk about PiZZA!

I entered Pizza gate via a link of Ellen Degeneres
dancing at her home while wearing an ankle monitor.
Now, was the ankle monitor “openly” exposed? Nope.
But it was definitely there.

I’ve worn one because a friend was able to take
it on and off.  I gave him time to leave for a while.
Ellen Degeneres was wearing an ankle bracelet
and after it was pointed out on social media, her
next video had her noticeably placing the leg out of frame.


But forget about that, I digress.  It’s foolishness.
I’m not gonna get caught up in the wrong rabbit hole.
“Tin Foil Tales of the Stir Crazy Crazies”
Ellen’s ankle foolery will make it too easy to
disregard what’s really up for discussion.

Well, just when I’m finally done with Ellen
She decides to call Tom Hanks. And OMG,
Tom Hanks is trending with #PizzaGate.

I skim a few videos, read some post, but there is
No real substance.  Just sensational conclusions
with the hashtag #Pizza being the only constant.

I perused thru the investigative reporting of my trusted 9 sources.
Lo and behold, one of them, had a loose reference to PizzaGate.
I dug in deeper and connected a few dots.

Just do your research and you will see.
The truth-sayers have done their part.
Now it’s your turn!





Whilst perusing thru some investigative reporting on PizzaGate,
i was lead to a drop by QAnon with references to Tom Hanks,
Ellen and others in Hollywood – all connected via Jeffrey Epstein.

A refresher on Jeffrey Epstein led me back to my one of
my trusted 9, [ Timothy Charles Holmseth ].

Admittedly, I was caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein epic, for the short
time that the news reported on it.  During it’s reveal, I did not read into
investigative reporting because it was a “No, duh” moment for me.
I knew of Epstein’s questionable affairs from years prior.
It wasn’t until, I looked into a few trusted sources
that a pattern became apparent.
Timothy was referenced by them all!

#PizzaGate did not originate in Washington D.C.
PizzaGate started at a Pizza restaurant in Plantation Florida.

After the reports of Timothy’s investigation leaked, the entire facility was
mysteriously destroyed in a gas leak.
No evidence.  However, the reaction warranted more research.
I checked some various MSM outlets.
A few sites reported a wild & contrasting tale.
Police reported that human error was likely to blame.

Timothy was the link to PizzaGate before it was even called PizzaGate.
Timothy was the first investigative reporter to link a child sex ring
procuring children to supply to Epstein.

After plantation florida…things sped up.
PizzaGate trends up
Weinstein gets arrested
Epstein get arrested
Epstein dies while in protective custody.
And this questionable ring of sex trafficking has a
World of indisputable connections.
Consistent and coherent connections.

I began reading up on the #PizzaGate code. Its
based on previously released images provided by
the FBI as it relates to children and sex trafficking.
Timothy had given way to a major flood of interest,
intrigue and checkable leads… but… one must look
deeper. I read scores of data to debunk #PizzaGate.

Yet, when you dig past the surface to the source
You get back to Timothy Holmseth.
And the most shocking revelation of them all.

His investigative research, which spear-headed
what later became known as #PizzaGate reported
the rescue of 2100 children, ages 3-17,
from an underground location in California.

Writing it is difficult enough, here is the report  which
also mentions from whom the children were rescued





We’ve only just begun. This goes a lot further.
Buckle up… the investigative reporting is done.
It’s time to find it and put it all together.

Don’t believe a word I say, write or share.
If found to be in error,
Without pause correct with love and consideration.
I share for collective discernment.
I know nothing.



How deep and dark and twisted could this really be?


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