TinFoilTales: Epstein is “The Trump Card”

I share for collective discernment.
I know nothing.

If you’ve ever “met” me, you would agree
that I am one of the most private / secretive people you now.
I am cryptic and often speak in “codes”
that I “try” to explain away as speaking poetically.
There is a reason for this.

Now Let’s Get To These #TinFoilTales


The conspiracies that once populated the walls and conversations
of Social Media Weirdos have transitioned into MSM.

Why is MSM making an effort to debunk “conspiracies theories?”
In the not-so-distant past, it was common practice to disregarded
and ignore bubbling conspiracy theories.

It has been SOP to further disrupt the momentum of impactful
news (ie: wikileaks) by discrediting “unapproved news” as conspiracies,
with biased and highly-questionable “fact-checkers” (ie: snopes)

David Icke has been explaining covert operations and sharing
relatable, coherent information on the Global Cartel for years.

On April 8, 2020 an interview with Icke hit the internet.
It was so popular that it broke the internet.  The resounding
from viewers was too much for the social censors
so YT & FB banned it.
watch it here!

On April 10, 2020, from the same production house as the David Icke
interview, LondonReal.tv,  came a second censor-shattering production

Amassing almost 2 million views within 72 hours, a subsequent ban from
several social platforms did not deter interest in the film.

And just like that:
– There are more truth-seekers...
– There are more people asking questions.
– There are more people fact-checking the fact-checkers.

Which brings us to this fact-checking opportunity…


Jeffrey Epstein was the Pedophile-Pimp of the Global elite.
He was connected, via photos and finances, to the privileged
Circle of the worlds most influential people.  From business,
Entertainment, philanthropy, Science, Physics, Sports and on…
Jeffrey Epstein has his hand in everything… before his death.

Under-Reported fact:
Epstein’s trafficking network was uncovered in Plantation Florida
by Timothy Charles Holmseth.  Additional reporting led to the
phenomenon known as #PizzaGate.

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office determined that from
2001 to September 2007, Epstein had conspired to persuade
minors to engage in prostitution, conspired to transport minors
across state lines for the purpose of illicit sexual conduct, and
recruited a minor across state lines to engage in a commercial
sex act.

On Sept. 24, 2007, in a deal shrouded in secrecy,
Epstein agreed to a 30-month sentence, including 18 months
of jail time and 12 months of house arrest and the agreement to
pay dozens of young girls under a federal statute providing for
compensation to victims of child sexual abuse. Epstein spent one
day a week there, the other six out on “work release.”

And here is your smoking gun:
Federal prosecutors, under former Miami U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta,
broke the law when they concealed a plea agreement from more
than 30 underage victims
who had been sexually abused by Epstein.
In exchange, the U.S. Attorney’s Office promised not to pursue
any federal charges against Epstein or his co-conspirators.

“I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender,
It’s the difference between a murderer and
a person who steals a bagel.”
– Jeffrey Epstein, 2011


News of Epstein’s early release and lenient sentence circulates.
The victims, families and supporters of the victims become outraged.

Breaking their silence and violating the terms on their legal agreement,
the victims began to speak out.  The faint whispers turned into conversations.

Reluctantly, MSM outlets began to pick up the “questionable case”
and slowly Epstein started to trend – and not in a good way.

MSM reported that Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday,
July 6, 2019.  This was days after a federal appeals court in
New York ordered the unsealing of nearly 2,000 pages of
in a since-settled defamation case involving Epstein.
(Remember that Smoking Gun? WHO is the question!)

After my exhaustive search, a pattern was beginning to develop.
All MSM reports relayed identical timelines and events.  Because of
this, fatigue started to set in with the waking realization that all
of the “breaking news” pieces were nearly identical.  

Admittedly, I use MSM for clues, errors, or anomalies.
Sifting thru over a  decade of news, accusations and investigative
reporting only proved Epstein’s game to be amalgamous.
I chose to pause and reflect in an effort to alter my approach.


Everipedia reports that:
On July 6, 2019, Epstein was arrested at Teterboro Airport in
New Jersey on sex trafficking charges. According to witnesses
and sources, about a dozen FBI agents broke down the door to
Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse, the Herbert N. Straus House,
with search warrants.”


Remember that Pizza Place in Plantation Florida, that was the very
first to link Epstein to a child sex-trafficking ring?

It was “mysteriously” blown to pieces within 24 hours of Epstein’s arrest!
…and in looking back, it was reported that he spent in excess of
$25 million to burry the tunnels under his private island in 2018.
This is major track covering.  Why would someone be this reckless?



Sometimes a leap of logic is required to connect the dots.
I had to consider all angles before my jump. And truth be told,
Death by suicide, while on suicide-watch, has happened
before… just not while the entire world was watching.


Bill Gates made donations to MIT based on direction from Epstein
and Bill Gates flew on Epstein’s private plane. When asked about
his relationship with Jeffrey:

“I didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with him,”
Bill Gates ,Wall Street Journal (September 2019)

Bill Gates in notated as being a boy genius in various news and interview
pieces. His intellect and poise are praised by his peers around the world.
Yet, when questioned about his travels on Epstein’s plane from New York to
Palm Beach, Gates, who owns his own private jet, stated he did not know
he was on Jeffrey’s plane. <— Whaaa??

( !! That’s an answer expected from a child caught with their hand in the
cookie jar with crumbs all over their face. !! )

Gates is listed on the flight logs of one of Epstein’s planes as having taken
a trip from New Jersey to Palm Beach on March 1, 2013. In an interview with
The Wall Street Journal, Gates denied donating through Epstein or traveling
to Florida with him.

hmmm…. we’re getting somewhere.

Okay so in 2019
– New York orders the unsealing of 2000 pages related to Epstein in late june
– Epstein is arrested on July 6th
– Pizza place linked to Epstein explodes on July 7th
– Epstein “allegedly” attempts suicide on July 23
– All footage of the 1st suicide attempt disappears

– Removed from “Suicide Watch” on July 31
– Epstein’s cell mate gets transferred on August 8
– Epstein signs his will on August 8
– Epstein dies by suicide, hanging, on August 10
– Epstein’s Manhattan residence raided, computers removed August 12
– Prison Guards become scapegoats; Deny log entries as their own
– Missing footage of Epstein’s 1st suicide attempt reappears in December ’19
– The world goes into quarantine and attention is diverted, movement restricted


If the collective elite were the mountain, as referenced by Ali,
then the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein was the pebble in the shoe.

Years and centuries of shares and reveals have spoken of an unbelievable
plot on the common man by an elite and secret group.  Time passed and
without fail, the elite got richer, stronger and more confident. The oligarchs
laughed off the conspiracy theories and a small group monopolized the
media to further promote the continued agenda of world domination.

This is the document that made the illuminati known to the world.  It was
accidentally recovered in 1798.  Illuminati Proofs - 1798 (2657 downloads)

And here is a theory to consider:

Jeffrey Epstein is alive and well.  When Jeffrey Epstein was arrested a
2nd time, it was already too late for him to be saved.  The resources used
on his first arrest left his elite friends exposed.

At the time of his 2nd arrest, Jeffrey Epstein was a trending search item.
He was mentioned daily on international news for connections to The Pope,
The Royal Family, Donald Trump, The Clintons and William Gates III.

The Elite fight amongst themselves with weapons of shame
and blackmail and Epstein’s recordings of sexual trysts by the elite were viewed
as his insurance. Epstein was a “deal-maker” and he made a deal instead
of an unlikely prison term or highly-likely early termination.

After his arrest, in an act of desperation, not knowing if his “friends” would
make themselves known associates and save him, Jeffrey Epstein chose to
“snitch.”  And with that started the plan to fake his death and kill the world’s
witch-hunt about his powerful world connections.

(that didn’t work, his death only made it more interesting)

The MSM Mafia put its power of misdirection in full view.  Within 10 days
of his death, the most talked about man and murderdeath in the world,
was the subtext of conspiracy theorist.  From top 10 trending worldwide,
in a snap conversations and searches seemingly ceased. Outside of a few
people who couldn’t forget, it was “back to life as usual.”

With an admittedly large gap in “facts,” i find it highly plausible that
the arrest and unsealing of documents about Jeffrey Epstein, connecting him
to the conspiracy web once deemed unfathomable, was the improbable
catalyst of our current world turnaround.

JFK was about to reveal what was going on in the world.  They killed him and
called it a Magic Bullet… on national television! Epstein was worth more alive
than dead based on his knowledge key suspects, documents, recordings,
their locations and security protocol.

In essence, Jeffrey Epstein was the domino that began the awakening.
… and if he is dead, we’ll never know. It’s all a “conspiracy.”

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