There Is No Conspiracy; There are Widening Trails

Connect the dots:

(01) Omaha Nebraska
(03) 1980s Lawrence E. “Larry” King, Jr
(04) 1990s-2019 Jeffrey Epstein
(05) 1994 Major Media Cover-up
(06) Why?
(07) Corruption at Highest Levels
(08) White Rabbit?
(09) Conspiracy.Of.Silence
(10) Too many coincidences
(11) Sleep = Slaughter
(12) Alisha Jahn Owen
(13) Franklin Community Federal Credit Union


(a) (b) see

in the Chicago Tribune on May 17, 1991, “A chilling tale of child abuse no one can prove,” gave typical coverage of the debate over whether or not children are being abused by Satanists:

All nine children tell the same story, a grisly tale of being taken out of school and abused in a blue house. They name the same culprit, a school administrator who performs satanic rituals as part of his twisted routine. In the 14 months since the first child came forward, police said they have conducted 140 interviews and cannot substantiate the claims of the children, who range in age from 5 to 9. Prosecutor Stanley Levco is more blunt: He doesn’t believe them, and he plans to publicly clear the accused.


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