The Shadow of 2020 Is The Face of 2021

Who would have ever though that critical-thinking would be the most valued asset of 2021?

We are one month into 2021 and NOW EVEN THE SKEPTICS of the forecasts Can see parts and pieces piercing their realities.

You may be asking, What EXACTLY is happening, Christiano?
And truth be told, I Can only deliver one perspective, my own.
And even then, i’ll copy and paste what i’ve shared to further clarify how clear it is to see.

In April of 2020, I forecasted a bevy of issues that our World Society would face – At The Same Time.  This didn’t include the Earth Waking Up nor the Alien Life Reveals… though if you read the unclassifed documents of 2020, everything has been confirmed.

2020 started with a Hail Mary!
All cards were played

Division was the ultimate diversion
And we created dissent amongst ourselves
– without knowing.

Let’s stop that shift now!
5G censorship (Algorithms Limiting Information) 
CoronaVirus (Algorithms Limiting Information) 
Virtual Dollar (Now-In-Motion) 
Economic Collapse (Now-In-Motion) 
Expansion of Power (Now-In-Motion) 
Removal of Rights (Now-In-Motion) 
Mass Vaccinations (Now-In-Motion) 
Rapid Satellite Deployments (Still-In-Motion) 
Global Movement Shutdown (Now-In-Motion) 
Express 5G Installations (In Motion, Not As Widely-Reported) 
and…on and on…

The Ghosts of 2020 were the Critical-Thinkers abruptly cast as Conspiracy Theorists.  Are some of the shared stories far-fetched and later found to be incorrect – yes, however, those that weren’t debunked and found to be factual are now approaching the forefront of conversations.


(B) HydroxyChloroquine is an old, proven and trusted treatment,

(C) The “COVID TESTS” are inconsitent, incorrect and the results lead to an overcount in deaths (and fear),

(D) The mounting evidence of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, CHILD-TRAFFICKING & PEDOPHILIA grows daily,The video, eye-witness and statistical data showing tampering and altered results of the US Election will echo profoundly across the world as it is set to be shared during the impeachment process of Donald Trump,

Today, Feb 6, 2021
Mailchimp issued me a CRITICAL ALERT for posting THIS LINK!
WATCH THIS VIDEO Start at the 1hr 36min mark!

This is what we always knew and also knew would tear at the fabric of governments and social structures around the world. And the list of conspiracies with mounting proof, evidence and affidavits are coming to the forefront!

The conspiracies of 2020 were not as great
as the efforts of those hiding the truth in them.

No matter what happens, prepare the best way you see fit.  I believe that the extremes predicted are on the horizon… and tragedy strikes tragically.

Be Safe,

Christiano Can


TIME MAGAZINE: Report On The Cabal 🔥
The Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election
The questions about outside forces influencing the US Elections of 2020 are no longer conspiracies.
The answer that remains to be seen is “What Will People Do?” and it’s coming in 2021.

Forget Everything 🔥
Audio From a LIVE PERFORMANCE in Costa Rica
Letting go of what you know will allow more knowing to enter your awareness.

“Strategially-Aborted” Babies Are Used In The Vaccine 🔥
You have a right to refuse aborted fetuses from being injected into your body.
As uncertainty reigns in the general population, especially around COVID and the vaccines, LifeSite is devoted to sharing the truth. It is time to understand the connection between aborted fetal cells and vaccines, the “next-gen” of vaccines such as the mRNA shots, the healthcare system as a whole, the implications of lockdowns and mandates, as well as the ethical and moral dilemma of abortion-tainted vaccines.


🔴 If You Could Take Down a
Pedofile (Ring) …. Would You?

i am working with a small team to battle a pedofile and an ongoing operation under the guise of a preschool.  this operation was exposed after a child/victim began to describe what was taking place at the location of interest.

Based on preliminary research, this case could quickly become a much larger public outcry and call for social justice. Instead of barking at the TV and waiting for something to happen, would you or someone you know be interested in battling a Pedofile Operation – directly!  Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more.  (Email Me)


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