The Real Columbian

Notes of Caribbean-Jane
There are usually 3 types offered:
– Jamaican
– Columbian
– Creepy

During the day walk thru Poblado, a modern and upscale are in Medellin, there were several eye-catching art pieces.  (See image above)

In the evening, Poblado transforms from art and cafe boutiques into a party that would rival that of Pinocchio.   There is no shortage of sound as Parque Lleras opens up to become the centre of dance parties and social entertainment.  You can hear a minimum of 6 songs playing simultaneously at any one point in the park.

After dinner at Charlee’s, the night is winding down and it’s time to smoke one.  Oddly enough, with all of party vibes, there were surprisingly very few cigarette smokers on the streets (no cigarette butts to be seen as Medellin is quite clean) and absolutely no marijuana in sight.

Whilst walking back to the hotel to call it a night, a smell of herb hits my nose.  In less than 30 seconds of high vibrations, a pre-rolled puro is offered as a “welcome to Columbia.”

Upon smoking the joint, I realize that what had been called Columbian in Costa Rica was nothing like the Columbian in Columbia.  What was offered would be considered Creepy. Columbian from a Columbian in Columbia.

So for clarity, in Costa Rica:
Jamaican is compressed, low-grade usually with a lot of seeds, branches and a chemical used to help it cross the Atlantic and other smell detections.
Columbian is less compressed than Jamaican, few to no seeds and little to no chemicals.
Creepy is what I know marijuana to be.  Closer to pure strains of high quality Indica/Sativa hybrids.

So thank you to the random street dude for a smooth night cap and easy nap!

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