09 September 2018

The Lure of Folklore

Folklore is about stories and story-telling.
It’s about history and tradition… and how they are carried thru time.

Folk music is about stories and story-telling.
It’s about history and conditions… and how they are carried thru time.

“The Folklore Center” by Bob Dylan // Read by Izzy Young & Christiano Can // Filmed by Rebecka Dahlén

Rebecka introduced me to the man who produced Bob Dylan’s first concert at Carnegie Hall. 

Let him tell it….  He took his life savings to promote an artist that he believed in and no one showed up.  And look at what happened afterwards?  Bob Dylan is often referenced as the greatest song-writer of Folk Music.  Some say the best writer of the modern day era.

The story about Izzy and our 1st conversation is quite awesome. I’ll share it later, in writing, and from time-to-time on stage.  Long-story-short: He had the same spark after hearing my songwriting that he did for Bob Dylan before anyone knew of Dylan.  

Quite a humbling notation from a hard-nosed New Yorker who holds no punches and gives no fucks!

An Excerpt from WikiPedia on Izzy Young

Young arranged concerts with folk musicians and songwriters, who often made contacts with other musicians at the Folklore Center. Bob Dylan relates in his memoirs, Chronicles, how he spent time at the Center, where Young allowed him to sit in the backroom of the store, listening to folk music records and reading books. Dylan met Dave Van Ronk in the store, and Young produced Dylan’s first concert at Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York City on Saturday, November 4, 1961.[3][4]

Bob Dylan wrote a song about the store and Young entitled “Talking Folklore Center”.