The Justin Bieber Wiki

I’m often asked about how Justin Bieber and I have a song together.

Recently a self-titled BELIEBER, or Justin Bieber Fan, told me that they knew my name and music from the Bieber Wiki.  Um, so yeah, I learned 2 things. (1) That there is a Bieber Wiki and (2) that I was in it.

And so, I looked into what was on this wiki page.
This Bieber Fan read “Momentos” and shared the following excerpt:


Should I say names of everyone famous that I have held an artistic forum with? What does that do? I’ve been so anxious to share how my collaboration with Justin Bieber on Pink Diamond came to be. At the time, out of respect for the producer, his career and his vision, I kept the narrative we agreed upon.  – Christiano Can[1]


I am in awe of the due diligence one will put in for a cause, purpose or chosen goal!

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