The 2nd Wave of Fear

Covid Testing is unsubstantiated – worldwide.

In the Caribbean, a “stress” test is used
to tell people they have tested positive for a virus.

Since people are stressed,
the test for their stress will come back positive.

Papalomoyo is real and scary.

Dengue is real.

if you walk in with dengue symptoms and receive a covid test,
your stress levels will likely result in a covid positive result.

The Outrageous Fears…and the
Political and Social Lines created by
Covid-19 are as real as you make it.

a +98% Survival Rate has never been so scary.

Wearing a mask is for your personal safety.

Not wearing a mask is for my personal sanity –
or lack-thereof.

More testing just led to more positive results;
asymptomatic and preexisting conditions.

Truth is, the longer this goes,
The more concern i have for the medical workers.

I have CHARTS of LUNGS from medical staff afraid to speak out about what they’re really seeing because of the reactions from the public “experiencing real covid deaths”…

And because of fear for their long-term job security.

The irony is that…

MEDICAL WORKERS are being laid off or

HOURS are being cut worldwide –

during the scariest plandemic of the last 100 years.

Are nurses and doctors dropping dead from exposure?
Are grocery store personnel dropping dead from exposure?
Are unmasked protestors dropping dead from exposure?

If I don’t wear it,
My business will be effected.

Doesn’t sound like the scariest thing ever is coming.
Sounds like compromises for convenience.
Going with the flow… until… it’s too stoopid to play?

Reported Cases are increasing.
Questionable reporting has never decreased.
Tainted testing has never been resolved.

What’s increasing more:
Fear, Doubt or Stupidity?

Doubting still allows space for growth,
discernment and choice.

End of #RandomRant

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