That’s Not True (Remix)

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This caught my attention from the 1st listen.
Lyrics came by the 3rd replay.
Recorded this on May 9th.
Had it sent to Damian… !


I’m thinking of Fellowship with my fellow man
Who fell off the ship and into the hands
Of better men building up better men
( Damn )

It’s epic and relevant precedence heaven sent
Not felt by kings, popes or presidents
Hopes of the Lesser-Men
No longer hoping you let’em in
( Please )

It’s all quite delicate dealing with delegates
Delinquent. Irreverent.
Seeking their relevance over developing
Love and Intelligence
( Oh )

They said we could not win
We would not stand with our family & friends
In Love & Zen to enlighten the minds of men
Please , Tell me that’s not true!

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