20 November 2018

that #DAFHAH moment

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That #DAFHAH Moment at Labros’ 30th orbit celebration!
We had a jam that was pretty normal in flow though SUPER HIGH on ENERGY!
High Vibrations!

And so, after the jam, which ended around 12am.  We headed to The Shunt, aka Shunt Studios to cap of the moment with an epic celebration of music and good vibes.

We drank and we smoked, we laughed and we danced until 7am.

For me, the highlight of the evening was having Labros fall asleep with the bass in his hand during a jam session… and no one notices until I say as such.  And even then, Labros is somehow playing the bass on beat and in sync unconsciously.

Its great that I have about 10 witnesses and audio from the evening.
And ’twas at this moment, I realized I had a bass man who “literally” play in his sleep.

Would you like to hear the audio from Bros’ 30th?