Simple Solutions vs Simple Minds

Simple Minds Simple Solutions

“I’m trying to dumb it down,
Without dumbing it up.”

Too often, I hear people willing, wanting and needing to find clarity in what I am sharing via music, writings and conversations.  They read, research and ponder.  They ask questions, create examples and challenge their family and friends with their newfound knowledge to test the depth of their newfound inner-standing.

“Christiano, I am not dumb but around you I feel this way.”  This feeling comes from several things.  If it’s only information based, then it derives from varying comforts with information that is new for you and much older for me.  Also, admittedly, I am my greatest critic. I find myself critiquing others to a point of their discomfort when it is clear communication that I seek to establish.  To a fault, and to the sacrifice of many relationships, have I sought this clarity.

Simple-minded people and simple solutions are not one in the same.  Sometimes something is so simple and in direct contrast of what you know, have been taught or experienced that it is unfathomable.  Even if you believe that it is true or real, you are unable to make the jump to this reality because of many innate and and/or past influences.  I do not judge your for our differences nor is my truth to be taken or imparted as yours.

I will fight to be inner-stood by you and for your inner-standing of me.  I will not push a simple-minded being to accept a simple solution.  I accept that the capacity, or the incapacity, of such things are as they should be – even when it is disheartening to digest.

You don’t plant seeds in the dessert and then wait for them to grow.  If they happen to grow, great.  There is a good chance i won’t wait in the dessert for them.

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