Silent Declaration of War (Costa Rica)

There are a lot of things taking place.
On July 14, 2020, The United States and China engaged in rhetoric that mimics that of the cold war.

And on the same day, a call from a reliable source connected within the deepest circles
of Central American politics shared the following:

  • This text is transcribed from the audio note sent to a select few key players in Cost Rica as a heads up for what is coming. the original audio, in spanish, was NOT PROVIDED to protect the identity of the source.



“We are in the hands of The Communist Party.

We are in The São Paulo Forum that is directed from China,
The ones who back communist parties.

They are far more experienced than Russia, Cuba and then any other socialist dinosaurs.
This is a more effective and productive socialist model. And this is where the Costa Rica model comes from.

I’m going to tell you something…

I don’t know if you knew that Mike Pompeo came to Costa Rica
and did not visit the presidential house!

He sent for Carlos Alvarado and Epsie Campbell,
to come to the American Embassy…

Mike Pompeo is the secretary of defense of the United States
That was a very serious visit!

The secretary of the defense went from the States to the States.
Meaning the United States Embassy in Costa Rica is the United States soil…

So to have the meeting there and not in the presidential house
is a place of power. That was the show of the tone of the visit.


And now about 22 days ago the embassy of the United States
makes a statement to the chancellery of Costa Rica where it states
that the United States will distance itself from Costa Rica diplomatically
Socially economically and commercially.

This confirms the close bond between Tedros Adhanom (the director of the WHO),
Carlos Alvarado and China as Carlos Alvarado says “MY BROTHER TEDROS.”
The old term used by the communist was “Camarada” and now it is “brother.”

Given the political exposition of the political party PAC Carlos Alvarado‘s government,
that has been routed from the government of Luis Guillermo Solis,
that’s the response of the United States.

And then the new tourism minister comes out saying that 46% of the tourism in Costa Rica
comes from the United States.

You know what’s going to happen, if you still haven’t figured it out what
the visit of Mike Pompeo and the Statement of the embassy means…

About three days ago the American Embassy issued another statement that
all US citizens should get out Costa Rica.

This is something that has not been done in Panama where Covid has 43000 cases
and 890 death… Even when Panama has a proportionally higher death rate,
more so than Brazil.

And the United States has issued an order for the American citizens
to get out of the country.

So if we haven’t understand yet, the three messages from the government of
the United States are saying…

The messages are telling us that they are declaring a commercial cold war and
they are going to block Costa Rica commercially. PAC knows that the United States
is stepping away commercially and they’re challenging their best business partner.

So if that is so, PHC is determined to steer Costa Rica to the left.

They started doing this, since 2016 when they signed the Treaty of São Pablo in a
deal with the political party “El Rrente Amplio” to steer Costa Rica to the left so that
all new generations like OGTV, xenophobia and all that stuff.

And (teaching) socialism is very humanistic and the new generations love it.

Costa Rica is not in good shape not in a good shape at all

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