Seer’ed Just Right

After a most triumphant yester day,
I meet with Seer too day
and we take a short trip to the basketball court.

I picked Seer up at the bottom of the hill.
And proceeded to the court with a guitar,
a set of headphones and an idea.

While I shot around,
Seer was sitting on a long,
Court-side, facing the ocean,
playing around with chords.

By the start of the 2nd game,
I was far more into the music and
Eager to hear what Seer had in mind
Over playing basketball.

After a quick and uninspiring game
With Tom consistently shooting flat-footed bricks
During his triumphant return to his “home court”,
Seer and I headed to record.

On the car ride back,
I could sense that this was going to work…
And in less than 45 minutes
We were done… and it did work!

Seer’s guitar and Lucia’s vocals
complimented the texture and end goal
of this songs original sentiments.

Up Next,
It’s time to play with
The Flying Bananas at Blue Morpho
At tomorrow’s choir session!

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