11 April 2020

Seen It All – 5,000,000 Euros

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5,000,000 Euros – Had I agreed to change the focus of my message
and used my gift and momentum to dumb down my unassuming
audience, I would have 5,000,000 euros added in the bank.

My gift is closely associated with the gift of reach.
I Can permeate walls and galvanize large audiences
Almost instantly anywhere in the world.
And although I’ve said “NO” to so many offers to be the
Star of their stage, like a “Devils Advocate”,
I keep rising back to the top only to asked the same thing.

The (short) Story within “SEEN IT ALL”
After my final meeting at Universal , I rushed to create this song
which serves to recap the meeting and my thoughts.

In short, it was suggested that I shift from working on my
current musical direction, The same music, direction and
momentum that got me into this room, and start to focus on
making people party and bullshit.

It was suggested that we could make more if I chose
the underprivileged, minority, over-comer story.

The proposal for 3 albums was mentioned,
and before I had a moment to consider my rebuttal,
a lady who was never introduced, and had yet to
speak a word, although everyone looked in her direction
for approval of all offers, this woman’s first and only
words were to ask if I thought my message was powerful
enough to change or alter what Jay-Z had successfully

I was speechless.
I sat back in my thoughts and said “Whoa!”
The meeting ended in awkward silence.