Response to Benjamin on Globalization

As it relates to my research, there are no finite charts readily available for me to share. I can however give you some things to consider. The same simple variables that I observed and processed are visible in everyday life.

For me it started with a choice… Or the lack thereof. Through the lens of child, I saw a world where people worked to get money. And that was it. School and youthfulness were false freedoms because it often costs for a babysitter, time-off work or an uncountable number of other variables that worked within the “time equals money” scheme.

It was at the zoo, that I began to realize the dangers of mans pursuit for Globalization. This word globalization, like many words, didn’t exist to me at the time, though in hindsight, instinctually, I was aware that something was awry. Zoos hold captive the species we are helping to destroy for pursuits in the sole interest of humanity. Humans praise creatures in cages whilst destroying their ecosystems for the purpose of ( fill in the blank )? We seek sustainability at the cost of all that has helped us sustain for countless millennia prior.

I then started to travel the globe because I needed to digest a bit more. What I have seen in these travels, are the same things your girlfriend realized in Puerto Viejo. The local language, cultures and history are being diluted, not each generation but, each and every time a local/cultural good is modified for the acceptance of a non-local consumer.

I have sat in many classrooms. Some were in parks, alleys and living rooms whilst others were in colleges and universities. Along the way, I attained over a dozen honorary degrees from these “schools,” not because of a paper, referral or prior degree… It was for the contribution of my time, efforts and seed of “consideration” that I shared with those in attendance.

Observing the education system, from kindergarten to college, in every country visited provided confirmation that globalism is possibly the Homo sapiens final revolution. Each school was training their pupils to be better than the next mold, or school. There were nominal differences for marketing and solicitation of additional praise, awards and distinctions to attract more attendees. Every school was preparing their pupils for a global culture ( i.e.: mono-culture).

From my walks through museums of lost, ancient or fallen civilizations, it was my understanding that each culture died in and of itself. Cultures were local, no matter how vast. If there is one thing I saw to be problematic with globalization, it was the inherent flaw of “putting all your eggs in one basket.” Nature rebels against such things which is why there are so many varying yet similar creatures that have evolved, adapted, continue to adapt and thrive in this world.

I saw a problem with globalization and chose to tackle it with sharing the flaw in our financial ideals. Without crunching numbers or doing anything with math, I sought to find a currency that has made it through the test of time. There was none. It’s not natural. Anything manmade will decay. I then thought of this fact and our push for globalization. If no one currency has ever worked and the collapse of currencies has shown to be the demise of the greatest observable empires of man… What happens when all cultures are connected and adjoined as one?

The inevitable financial collapse of humanity.

We’ve never seen it happen! What can happen, will happen. The education system, the agricultural system, the industrial systems, the religious systems, the social systems and all others are effected most by the financial system. In truth, the financial system is at best a tool used to control behavior. I found that to be too cumbersome a task for me so Da Money became my target.

Before I began to look at numbers, I went through historical accounts of fallen civilizations. Wars didn’t wipe out civilizations. In fact, many wars allowed individual cultures to coexist within the gaps of their new rulers as cultural hybrids. Language, art, music and crafts were practiced in private with preservation of the cultural being a strong cue to continue.

When I began to look at numbers, I started with the Great Depression and worked back to the mid 1700s. The numbers never added up and so I began to look at what grew because of money. Answer: the need for more control. Money was not needed to eat, grow, consume, cook, transport or share food. The behavioral understanding of a few, enslaved and indoctrinated the lives of every subsequent generation with a magic trick called currency.

I then looked at currency and the development of financial tools leading to the current times. I saw numbers that do not exist become real to humans that couldn’t tell me what they meant. I saw the same patterns observed during the downfall of ancient cultures taking place today. When Rome collapsed it did not take other cultures in Central America with it.

Globalization has shown it’s flaws time and time again. It like setting up dominoes in order. Sometimes they fall here and there… But the most impactful push is the big domino that takes the entire line down. Many dominoes have fallen in the past 65 years. The biggest domino has yet to fall.

I calculated, logically, that the side effects of globalization would shake the foundation of humanity between 2011 and 2019. This window was the conclusion of looking at the speed of change and adaption from monarchs to corporations.

From the mid 1700s to the 1930’s, cultures were conquered by corporations. Kings were replaced with presidents and life was replaced with work. (Ants do not work they live. Their life is their labor.)Corporate interests were set in self-preservation and profit. Their interest in nature and the awareness of an innate and instinctual order on Earth dissipated rapidly as the hunger for control and influence grew.

Like all dying cultures of the past, it starts with uprisings. The uprisings lead to division lines at all levels ( family, political, racial, etc). The next step is social disobedience. From social disobedient comes the increased level of physical violence. This begets mini-wars, which start social unrest. Social unrest leads to hope that a financial resolution will work… And in many modern instances it has quieted the rumblings. You can only put so many bandages on a mortal wound.

Nature does not like mono-anything.
We are a part of nature.
One thing must go …
Either the mono-culture
or the creatures trying to create it.
Nature will not lose.

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