Removing Time

Life is but a series of consecutive moments preceding death.  That’s life up close – every smile, cough, kiss or lie is all but a moment.  Taking a step back you see that at a distance our existence is a continuous task of time juggling.  Whether we are in control, or if our actions are being influenced by others, its an unending “job.”

An adult must manage time from work, family, fun & rest.  How often do we hear or say “there aren’t enough hours in a day?”

A teenager must manage school, peer pressure, temptation of new hormones, pending independence & more. No individual escapes this.  neither the elderly. Nor an infant.

A child in the womb is on the schedule, or under the time management, of the mother and the mother herself is restricted by other things.

Time serves many purposes, but what if we removed it for 20 years from most uses.  How different would life be?  That’s the question i pose.

Each individual has a different answer.
There is no wrong or right.

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