Rehearsal: Armed With Ambition #mr432hz

in the midst of my cycles
the mist clouds my site so
i do know if i am psycho
or the light for those that are liable
to light a bowl and let life blow
press the pedal, let life roll
pull the trigger, let life go
kill that nigga, long live my negus
long-term vision
short-term triggers
burn the hindrance
dance over bickering
on with the mission
armed with ambition
fck if they listening
my bucket list is different
ducking disdain
slipping that jab
an appointment with pain
i will not have
laughing at the lies
looking at the lines
drawn by the eyes
slit with surprise
after my fall, i continue to rise!

i have no patience
for patients pacing
in place of making
spaces needed for building
and crafting creations

I’m on with a mission, man
Armed with Ambition can
You see the vision fam
“Fire thru the ignorance”

[ ]
1st run at Armed With Ambition.
Good times rocking with Seer & Carter.
Fun day with Aaron, Kevin, Zeidy & Jason.

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