Really, Really Like

25 May 2013

Really, Really Like

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I like you
I really, really like you
Like the first time I saw you…
It wasn’t your looks.
It was your energy.
Your soul’s music.
You started dancing and I tuned in.
Like a movie.
Your movements
Got my entire body
And I thought to myself
I might like you.
I might really, really like you.

We started a conversation
And when I heard your voice
It was so soothing.
I’m really choosey.
Something about you
Was so moving.
My entire essence
Started oozing
In your direction.
And I thought to myself.
I think I like you.
I think I really, really like you.

You are intelligent.
Far from being a dumb-dumb.
I’m so grateful.
You are like a lump sum
Of fresh air. (inhale)
And I think to myself.
I like you.
I really, really like you.

There are several things
That I would like to do
With you,
Around you,
On you,
In you…
In you
Is a spirit.
I feel it.
I hear it.
And I heard it.
Before you were here.
Yes, I waited.
Your presence
Is a present.
The greatest.

And I like you.
I really, really like you!