11 April 2019


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Non-Auto Tuned; Masterfully Composed; Timeless

A month.
An introduction to Lydia Violet Harutoonian & Jules Indelicato at Kaya’s Place on a random Sunday Funday opened the door.

An invitation to see what could happen was accepted and, 4 days before their performance at Envision Festival, we recorded the violin and vocals in the jungle for what would become REAL HONEST.

Thanks to the vastness of the language of music,
with patience, passion and alignment…
an international collaboration concluded
with an epic production.
This is a timeless piece.

#RealHonest is music magic!

Watching Paul David Johnson‘s 1st reaction to the 80’s-like solo guitar and Seer Stevens sway with the choir … #priceless!

Thank You All!

Choir: Franki Belle, Julie Indelicato, Lydia Violet Harutoonian
Bass Guitar: Labros Liaropoulos
Drums: Jonathan Westling
Lead guitar Jóhann Vignir Vilbergsson
Guitar: Alex Jaramillo
Flute: Christoffer Fernqvist
Organ & Keys: John Runefelt
Violin: Lydia Violet Harutoonian

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