More Life, More Positivity

Upon entering KWETU SPACE
The first face I SAW
was that of
Lauryn Hill as painted by BankSlave
With the quote, “More Life, More Positivity!”

Bankslave is best known in Kenya for being Kenya’s leading graffiti artist. He is a man who has mainly made his mark artistically, not for art exhibitions held in local galleries, but for his fabulous designs spray-painted on walls all around the city, coast and countryside. Probably his most famed work is a portrait of Lupita Nyong’o painted at the GoDown Art Centre. It has been a source of inspiration to many up-and-coming Kenyan artists.

KWETU SPACE is where it all happens – the performance venue for workshops & art clinics, rehearsal space, residencies, music classes, exhibitions & talent management.

The first passage I READ was:

I must confess that when one walks
around this place, designed specifically
for the delights of love, and passes all
these cabinets and recesses ,one’s heart
becomes so tender, that, to speak artlessly,
one always leaves against one’s will.

J. Chardin (seventeenth century)


I think that I am in the right place!

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