I Can See Now

27 June 2018

Pushing Dreams Out (Freestyle)

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Look at “C” now
Some say i senile
I can see how
Because i can see now
I’m at the sea now
Riding on the wave with ease now
Surfing adversity
“It’s all a breeze” now
Malcolm x, overseas now
Bi-dimensional focus without bifocals
Dont let the messenger deter
The push towards your purpose
We are the closest when we notice
We’re connected without votes and ropes,
Under the same sun,
It’s clear to me now
Don’t calm the storm,
Calm yourself
The storm will pass,
Find your call and stand
Firm like a tree now
I am who i am
That’s who i will forever be now,
In energy, full-being the entity
Of me now
so yeah i can see how
I can be called senile
I’m barely seen out
Breaking out of me now
Coming for every cent
Sensibly owed to me now
Calling up my friends
That placed their hopes in me now
To see how i could push our
Common dreams out
Visions of us sitting beautiful men,
Women and children
Food and love in plenty
All cards on deck,
We forging ahead full steam now
I’m finally beginning
After beheading dead endings
I can see how
It’s no longer a dream now.