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I Got It And I’m Giving It
Every Word That You Heard
I Am Living It
This Is Ridiculous
Bro’s Bass Is Mimicking My Face
As I Prepare To Hook Up This Delivery
Hey Are You Feeling Me?
I’m Hanging in The Caribe
And I’m Fishing For A Winner, E!
My Epiphany To Just Be Me
Is The Reason I Commit Treason
When I Hear A Viscous Beat
So Addictive And Bittersweet
That’s What You Feel
If I Choose To Let You
Get Real Close To Me
I’m Far From Bragging
This Is The Just The Passion
That I Am Passing
Right Along With The Weed
Thanks Again To My Auntie P
For Teaching Me Inadvertently
How To Skip The Beat
Now, I Just Skip The Beefs
In The Studio I Grab The Mic
And Then Let The Speakers Beat!
No Broken Bones For Me
A Few Scars, Some Loves Jones
And Maybe A Poem From Me
And Now Since You’re Listening
The Reason Why My Eyes Stay Dry
The Ink Is My Release
The Same Reason Why I Breathe
I’ve Been Called Self-Righteous
For Saying What I Believe
What Would You Do
If You Screamed The Truth
And Everybody That Knew You
Would Turn And Leave?
Then Whisper A Lie
Feed Them Some Shit
They’ll Return Like Flies
Real Life Experiences
Some Penalize Me Because I Dream
I’m Not Asking You To Like Me
Press Repeat, Please!


So Hard, So Sweet
These Ain’t Candy Bars
These Are Part Of My Life Scars
These Are Flickers Of My Light
But These Ain’t Candle Bars
I’m Cycling Through Life Hands-Free
Though I Can Handle Bars
You Can Hand Me Cuffs
And Lock The Bars
Word Is Out…
They Got The Man
Then Realized They
Could Not Stop My Words
I’m Crossing Lines And
I’m Cutting Cards
Life’s Hand Has Been Dealt
Guess It’s Time For Me To
Play The Odds
I Think That Life Is Easy
Though So Many Make It Hard
I Passed The Bar
Then I Passed On Obeying Laws
It Seems I Stay At Odds
With Oppressive Governments
I’ve Been An Outlaw Since
I Chose To Throw Out The Stupid Laws
What Type Of Goof
Do You Take Me For?
I’m A Son Of The Truth
Whispering We Can Stop The Wars
We Make The Guns, The Bullets
And We Make Their Bombs
I Propose A Challenge
Hopefully You Take Me On
I Wanna Hear Some Songs
That Free People Sung
Destroy Economic Slavery
Then See What Comes
I’m In The Jungle
My Hungers Bubbling
Man, I’ll Eat Some Beats
Plus A Couple Other Things
I Like The Facts And
This Is Just A Munchie, Man
The System’s Crashed
Whispers Are Now Rumbling
Listen Up
Man Is Only Governed When
He Consents To Those That
Were Put In Government
I Don’t Consent
Don’t Think I Ever Will
Got A Soul
That Likes To Roam At Will
I Am No Chattel
No Pawn Of Government
Just A Man
Free To Live And Roam The Land
I’m Not For Wars
I Don’t Need No Oil
So Many Others Ways
To Power Our Changing World
I’m Using Music
It’s Getting Me Around
I’m Just Daily
Adding Passion To A Sound
Like A Monkey
I Seem To Swing Around
Obstacles That Tend To
Get Other People Down
Some Say I’m Very Odd
Some Say I Got The Light
Some Say That I’m An Ass
I Think The Sum
Of All Their Angles
Is Right!


i ain’t asking you to like me
i’m not gon start now
didnt start before, aw man!

You Ain’t Gotta Like Me
You ain’t gotta be me
I found my path in Life
It’s getting mo’ easy
I hit a rough patch
Almost tried to end me
then i, i looked right within me
on a new chapter
i know what i’m focused on
and what i’m now after, yeah
i ain’t asking you to like me,
never have never will


Written by: Christiano Can
Produced by: Christiano Can & Labros Liaropoulos
Mixed & Mastered by: Labros Productions

Lead Vocals: Christiano Can
Supporting Vocals: April Henry
Backing Vocals: Emily Tucker, Victoria Moralez

Drums: Jonathan Westling
Bass: Labros Liaropoulos
Guitars: Garrett Smith
Organ: Gabriel Jekel
Piano: John Runefelt
Percussion / Animal FX: Marcelo Núnez & Labros Liaropoulos

The Songstress

April Henry

– Award Winning SAG
– AFTRA Vocalist
– Songwriter
– Actor
– Instructor

April joined Labros and Christiano in the studio for an impromptu session of Love, Passion and Chance!


Profound The Emcee

A Profound Translation of Press Repeat

“To you I am many things
but to me I am me,
I won’t be bound
by your labels or fables
I stand for justice
even when it’s under the table”

– Profound, The Emcee

April 19, 2012

Christiano Rapping With Serena

I’m happy I cannot forsee the future whilst living in epic moments like these. Serena and I on her sofa in San Jose a few days after I finished the mapping of this song.  It all started with THE BLACK KEYS!

September 22, 2013

Live on the Shiznit Show (Berlin)

The DJ didn’t have the instrumental loaded. This episode was filmed during the Europe du Hip-Hop 2013 taking place here in Berlin – A week long hip-hop summit that involved over 35 MCs, graf writers, DJs and breakdancers flying into Berlin for various activities. This included passing by Tha Shiznit..MORE

November 5, 2014


The rarely heard, and often purposely hidden, 432hz Hip-Hop version of “PRESS REPEAT.”  When it was recorded and shared, i was content thought not finished… and always knew it would develop. I cringe a bit hearing it now and then I smile in evidence my growth!

November 5, 2015

Fryshuset, Remember, Remember!

Christiano Can & Friends perform “PRESS REPEAT” live at Fryshuset on Nov 5, 2015!  Watch the Full Presentation —>

April Henry Can Sang!
September 12, 2019

April Henry Can Sang!

The 1st and only night with April, Labros and Myself! April was offered a challenge, accepted and … MISSION COMPLETE!  The vocals recorded on this night made the final mix!  There are no coincidences! MORE TO COME from this team.

Cover Chosen, Mix in Motion
October 12, 2020

Cover Chosen, Mix in Motion

Today, I finalized the Cover Art for PRESS REPEAT. The song is epic and so a simple art piece would give the composition all the space it needs. Bros and I have yet to finalize the mix/master for publishing.  The clock ticks!