Where Planned Riots, Shutdowns and Lock-ins Will Be ( Video )

Alleged footage from a leaked zoom conference reveals the violent plans to
SHUT DOWN DC, the USA and put the world on notice…
starting November 4, as a “response to the election results.”

The Violence to come has been planned far longer than you have known about it.

Even if this is only 10% accurate, there will be
civil unrest planned that could ignite an unfathomable reaction!

The Lock-downs and Lock-ins,
The Scary Virus Numbers and
The Tightening of the Freedom Leash
have all increased with the approaching date of the
United States Elections.

There are no coincidences!


Oct 31, 2020, a video leaked from Zoom undercovers the Sunrise Movement
was organising to shut down Washington D.C. and other major US cities
starting from Nov 4th. It includes BLM, other left organisations with multi-levels
coordinating co-exercises and utilising people from government members,
federal employees, intelligence contractors, etc.

They have strict schedules, time, locations with map, and they will occupy airports,
stations to send people back from where they came from. The video shows they
promised to create social crisis, “Whoever start the guns can win!
Take over the buildings.”said a woman.

It seems regardless who wins the left plans to take over.


We have options, We Need Consideration: Alternate Video

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