Population Management

Would “Population Management” be a more digestible term?

Old Email and Audio recordings have been sent to me from
people who argue that I strongly voiced ideas that sided with
Gates’ initiative 10 years ago.

The argument was based on the statement of:
If there were only 500,000,000 people (“Georgia Guide Stones”)
air pollution, human waste, plastic islands, cigarette butt parks,
depleting ocean and wildlife would be in critically different states.

While Gates is considered a super evil villain in the race for
Population Control, 12-15 years ago, i strongly voiced concerns
on “What If” we are spreading across the globe like a virus?
Modern Humans consume, spread and consume more.

After listening to these old clips, it’s evident that I always held
the position of Questioner. The “What If?” or “Would you consider…?” guy.

• Earth is is a finite organism floating in the Ether.
• Earth has limited resources.
• Earth has a growing human population.
• Earth has a depleting population of non-human lifeforms.
• Earth has been in balance far longer than modern humans
have been out of balance with Earth.

This is a simple video that opens the argument of
“What If exponential population growth is cause for our current discord?

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