Collective Consciousness w/ Christiano Can


Part 1 on Resonate With Sara:
Christiano Can shares the dangers of using the wrong word to describe our collective intention.
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Part 2 coincides with the launch of The Candid Can Podcast.
Christiano Can leads a discussion with Sara & Dr. Kevin about several topics, including a dip in the rabbit hole.
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To manifest is to create intention,
and that starts with our words.

3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  • Why acknowledgment matters to every human being
    It’s an indescribable emptiness to not be acknowledged, or for people to be indifferent towards us. Most people are looking for some sort of acknowledgement, even if it’s just being heard.
  • Revolution vs. Evolution
    There’s a difference between revolving and evolving. In the former, all we’re doing is repeating old patterns; this is what the world has maintained for generations. In the latter, we’re allowing things to continue to change with exponential growth. Evolution allows us to end the old and usher in the new.
  • Why looking inward isn’t selfish
    With the world going through a shift, now is the time to also shift ourselves internally. It’s more important now to focus on knowing and growing yourself. Learn how to breathe, go within, find out what triggers you and what your traumas are and also discover what you love and brings you joy.

Conscious Conversion features soulful thoughts leaders sharing how they are reaching people online, resonating with their audience and converting clients who LOVE them.

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