Deep State & Mainstream Media are Planning An Election Surprise

The Deep State is planning a coup to overthrow the United States government using the mainstream media.
There is plan in place by Deep State operatives to TAKE the Presidential election on November 3, 2020 by using the mainstream media to announce Joe Biden won the election.
The coup using the media is being implemented because there is no possible chance for Joe Biden to defeat President Trump at the ballot box.
  1. The mainstream media is going to falsely report Joe Biden is beating President Trump in the polls during the weeks leading up to the election.
  2.  The mainstream media is going to announce Joe Biden won the election.
  3. Joe Biden and Deep State democrats are going to attempt to take over the White House but President trump will not relinquish it.
  4. The Deep State democrats will then enter the chambers of the U.S. Congress and set up the [illegitimate] U.S. government from that location with support from the mainstream media.
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Here is what i use to put together all of the clues…
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Eric Snowden Predicted SWINGSTAGE Voter Fraud in 2019

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