02 August 2016

Open Me Up (1st Reference)

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This is my discourse, Let’s discuss
Some of the things that led to your disgust
Let the pipe bust. Let’s the pressure go
No more side-stepping. I’m about to let it flow.

Long time since we spoke John,
Relationship so cold, we need Long Johns
History so wrinkled, we need 4 irons
You talked about taking it to the forearms
I looked at you like, “Dude, Please, C’mon…”
I was just in the basement writing my poems
Rehearsing my songs up in my zone
Next thing I knew you had the gun drawn.
I had the instinct to smirk, but I just yawned.
Thought about my plan for the next time.
Told Moms I had a gun drawn on me 2 times
Now those 2 are too hard to find.
She looked at me like… Are you implying…???
Man, the truth hurts and I couldn’t face lying
I did an about face and I left silent
Let the crib in the Tib then I hit
Lake Shore Drive and then I spent
Time with L-Boogie, my So Fly Chick
The first arm piece that I would acknowledge
1st Date, Poetry set where I spit
Between Khari B and Malik Yusef
“You killed the mic”is what Lik said
“You drilled last night”is what she said
She was on point, drove cats sick
I remember when she met Talib
He asked her who she was leaving with.
She said not him, I guess that got him
To make a new song and throw me a jab
L played the song, I just laughed
Then she brought up together forever
Off guard, I ran for the “Reset”
No button in sight, so we sat
She shared with me all of her reasons
I reason to say no… and I did.
Though I adored her.  I wasn’t for her.
Shortly thereafter,man, we split.


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