OKAY ( Official Release )

Old school beats fuse with the smooth vocals of
Christiano in this jiving jam to create an
absolute audio gem

This track oozes that simplicity of 90s era clean, heavy, synth beats with non-complex, paced delivery and fresh lyricism. It leaves the listener struggling not to groove and fighting not to reminisce the days of Tupac and Biggie wars.

This tune carries the legacy of Tupac’s home truths, harsh realities and woke warnings but enables the listener to time travel to 2020. This track brings that same fresh perspective with a confident and smooth orator at the mic. Christiano does a great job of balancing his new age, ‘woke’ narrative without sounding off with the fairies. It’s fresh, inviting and addictive.

His message is a timely story as we cross a threshold into a new reality of border restrictions, new and harsh economic prospects and a time in history where so much is up for transition. This is the music of that new era.

Hip hop once again is the medium that’s birthing the news, this change and the new positive energy that society needs to take it in the right direction.

Christiano isn’t your regular bling bling, guns n hoes rapper. He’s a wordsmith and this track is a fun trip down the labrynth enabling the listener to get tangled in the layers of meaning within his words. This is a top track, one that both pulls at the heart strings and yearnings of times gone, but also enabling you to jive forth into the future.

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