09 October 2016

No Show Freestyle

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4am in the morning

Reading comments I find amazing

Playing “Baby You” from “1992”

By The Game, I’m relating

Reading comments from Torria changing

Her life from one meeting, thinking

What a beautiful being, beginning

Then thoughts drift to my profound ending

Thoughts of my children living

And those that didn’t make it

The thoughts I live with daily weigh on me,

yet I don’t say shhhh

The lies and crimes sprayed on me

The mind of a prophet who doesn’t profit stays hungry,

Lonely is how my road flows

My life is not for show.

I’m a no-show for hoes.

Faded thoughts of holding you

Look what you did, they got hold of you

They got a hold of you, Look what you did

So glad that I’m over you, this release is overdue

Gave you keys to my heart after i opened you.

A portion of you opened me,

I knew we wouldn’t make the trip

Many nights I prepared for this

Questioning how deep was I in this unstable myst of bliss

Our “Eye Date” was my way of saving clips

Before waking to a waving ship,

Shaken by a psychotic woman deeply hit

With a corked bat, bit by a snake, cooned by a rat

I was so tuned into you, I didn’t see the stage had been set

You read the cliff notes and tried to pass the test.

Sifting through my messages,

I hope you found the message that you needed

With others I have, though with you I have never cheated

What a way to react!

You returned home with a home run

Fine, Run home to a home now gone

With a sensational sob story that’s less boring than

“I was losing my mind so now I’m home.”

It was, “He sought me out through news clips.”

You repeated Blue’s shit as though it was true!

How dare you.

I guess the quiet nights with our necks crooked

from watching the dancing northern lights

Were with a woman I never knew

You sold your box, I unboxed your soul

You were still chained to a world I had long let go

Light a joint and get lost in the weed, smoke

Rise and Fly, you sent lies and shockwaves across seas

I’m glad you pulled away those that really didn’t know me

I feel like I never knew you, and I hope you feel the same

That’s the emotional pill that numbed the pain

What a shame! You see, I have to hold my poise when

Thinking of the abortion and noise when you were poisoned

By news from who those positioned the closest

Whispering twisted truths, truth is I’m twisted too, I know this

And alone is where I’m home, I’ve noticed.

Though somehow with you I had kept growing

what’s cool is that without you, I nearly lost it,

Then a special smile pierced my darkest darkness.

We were on a roller coaster and you jumped off quick

I rode it to the end and now I’m  thru, glad I did,  I got the facts

I found the kid that I needed to get more moments with. Now I’m back.

Not a moment I regret. It was never a game,

Not a decision made I would ever change

Not a change I would not make again

In my bubble, Here I go

On my long-winded Nas flow

5am sunrise in the jungle

Hear I am again

Him I am, My damn

A monster, The Man

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