30 August 2018


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It’s all unraveling
Once more.
Equally as chaotic, yet
Succinct is the bold and
Welcomed flavor of it all,
This time around.

Here I sit, in Heredia,
In preparation to “craft”
3 One-Man Showcases
Ultimately initiated by
A change in perspective.

I have been asked about,
Told or shown the same message
In such compounded frequency
That to refute the obvious 
Would indeed make me 


Christiano, I fucks with you!
What you’re doing I cannot do and no one is doing it right now. I love you and so I say this with love. If you don’t do it now, you will die from this point on because you didn’t open your wings before you hit the ground.

This message was from a friend
who knew me before
I ever put a word to music. 
This was someone who was
tossed around by music business politics. 
His talents were copied and
pushed into the brands of other artists
without any credit or reference. 
We share a mutual respect that gave his
much more consideration
by me.

This wasn’t the first time
I’ve been told about my
gifts, presence or talents.
This was the first time,
It resonated the way it did.
Because a part of me exists
that was not there prior to 




Another Time:

I was sent the message above during a moment of discord.  And while the words cannot be erased or recanted from my memory, it was the subsequent follow-up that truly struck a chord within me.

When you are not there, We are a band.
When you are there, You are the band.

And so i thought to myself…
And I thought longer.

And Then She Came Along….

She loves music.
Loves life. 
And loves her freedom, more.
Music is necessary.
She digests lyrics. And
She dances to her own beat.

And after listening to and watching
A few of my private videos together,
It was her response to
“The Moment Before Momentos”
Whereas I first innerstood what
She had been attempting to convey
To me repeatedly since our 
Acknowledgement of each other.

I have existed within my own orbit
For as long as I Can remember.

Many have been touched by my orbit.
Some have been within my orbit.
Few have influenced my orbit.
None have halted my orbit.

Have I boldy claimed my awareness of this truth?
Total acceptance of my unique gift set?
Nope.  Not until March of 2018.
Not until I had to “Face It All”
On December 31, 2017.

And it was after this step into myself,
Into my self-awareness,
That it all began to

What I thought was a chaotic void
Was actually the beginning…
Of what’s to come… 
or is Be coming.

In May, i posed this question to
Aaron, Montana & Nils.
“What requires more energy?
The process of a caterpillar creating a cocoon in preparation to fly;
Or the steps required to break out of a cocoon and spread its wings to fly for the first time? 

A question as random as it was purposeful.
I was posing this question to myself.
I could see what had happened
Over the past 7 years.
Now was the time.
It’s My T-i-m-e.


It took me meeting an APEX WOMAN,
Acknowledgement of her status and
Resonance with her vibration
To further define & refine
My trajectory.

She has relatable poise, experience,
Tendencies and dispositions. 
This alignment allowed for
A unique mirror of Self to
Come into my clearest view.

She cleared her throat and asked:
“What the hell are you doing?”

She went on to explain how she was
Not clear on my purpose for putting 
Others on the same platform as I,
When I am the centerpiece.
Let them build around you
But please do not hide by
Placing them in front.

“You are a one-man show.
Everything else should all build around you.
That is where your creativity thrives
On all mediums and platforms.”

Another friend echoed:
“Christiano, you are The Platform. 
You command space even when you do
Not want to, however, please
Don’t let others misuse

And abuse your space.

And then I heard my voice say:
“Don’t abuse your space
With non-usage or misuse of your space.”



A previous thought echoed:
Many have been touched by my orbit.
And vice versa.

Every great story
Doesn’t have a happy-ending.
This is my beginning
Call it “The Next Chapter”
Are you in it for The Ride?
Or just the happily-ever-after?

I have consistently and successfully
Created space for individuals & groups
Men, Women, Children, Aliens and others
To Be, without judgement, harm or alienation.

I have become indifferent to the response people have to themselves.  I have learned from experience that whether in praise or scorn, the reaction most people have around me is in response to a new sensation within themselves, and I am there to share this moment.  No matter the reaction, experiencing this newness is always a gift.


It’s time to test these wings!
These caterpillars should
Stop throwing pollen at
This Butterfly.

I’m back into my one-man-show mindset.
I’m not doing this alone, but I’m also
Not doing it subpar, anymore.
I am a business and
A businessman. All
By being

“I’ve been doing my thang
For a while now.
Got so high, I was asked
To come down.”

The open door of opportunity has been mine
And mind alone for some time.
While varying peaks of success
Have been attained with The Collective,
I have been best of service to myself and others
When I eloquently extend my extroverted gifts
To be enjoyed, unhindered or altered.
My way.

Life is about to get crazy in so many ways. And Exponentially fast, the moment that I stretch my wings.