01 – My First Song is Born

My first song is Born – finally.
I had no idea when this was recorded
That Life would change so much.

Truth be told,
“Born” is not a song…
At least it did not start as a song.
Nor was it meant to be published
per an agreement with KAE.

Word-for-word, the verses,
were a journal entry I wrote in late 2011
with no beat or music playing.

FYI: Strong indicator that I am in my creative bubble:
– Effortless Communication in prose and iambic pentameters.
– Clear non-attachment (mislabeled as “detachment”)
– Large spans of silence
– Restless Sleep
– High-Energy Levels
– Clear and Coherent downloads via writings or random rants
– Complete Disregard for Physical Limitations
– The word “Can’t”, or “Cannot”, triggers my curiosity

“Born” was the result of an overwhelming
increase of my awareness for what is
– and is not.

After months of sitting alone in my cabina
sweating out toxins, coughing up toxins,
cold sweats, hunger pains with no appetite,
I was cleansed and ready to digest a
a different “kind” of food.

I put my hands in the soil and
“Born” grew legs and began
a Journey around the world.

Good News:

“Can Is Born” features a series of short stories,
poems, reflections, audio and visual notes
related to My 1st Song!

The Complete “Can Is Born” Series is HERE

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