07 January 2001

Move Sum’en

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Groove sum’en
Wanna see you get low with me
Can you take it to the flo wit me
Can you make it bounce nice & slow wit me
Can you rock this flo wit me
Can you make this a show wit me

Break sum’en
If you got a drink put your glass up to deh sky
If you smoke blow a drag fj meh now
Ladies shake dat ass fi meh now
Last call to di dance floor now

Move sum’en
Report to the dance flo (now)
Let ya arms & legs go wild
Get buck till da lights go out
Forget the perm, let yer hair grow wild

Move sum’en
Shake sum’en
Time to get wild
We gon’party till walls fall down
We shake sum tings
Get wild & break sum tings

Shake sum’en
Hear da beat? That thunderous sound
Making the ground shake up under us now
Keep it live till the moon goes down
Don’t leave till they kick you out
And if you feel’n this lemme hear you
Scream and shout

Move sum’en