07 February 2019

Miss You Issues – Thank You’s

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#OnThe5th – I published my 4th song, subsequently completing my 1st EP (F.A.N.S), and shared it with you.  It’s available on #Tidal, #AppleMusic, #GooglePlay, #AmazonMusic and more.

“Miss You Issues” is a song on the F.A.N.S project that is relatable to anyone who has ever had a relationship in any capacity.  It could be with a guitar, a friend, a lover, a family member, a pet (which could be a friend, lover or guitar).  If you have experienced or are dealing with death, transition or the loss of something… This song is relatable.

If you get a chance, listen to the 4 songs and enjoy a trip thru music, sounds, stories, cheers, laughs, tears, reflections and several genres of really good music.

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It took almost 6 years to be at a point whereas it was properly completed and shared.  And along the way, people who worked on this project no longer communicate with me, have died or we have minimal communication based on our preferred methods of interaction.

Special thanks to:
     Labros who has co-produced, mixed and mastered this project with me… and with whom I have a lot more goodies on deck.  Our best has yet to come!

, the beat-maker of Oddly Awkward & I’m Only Crazy. Who I’ve come to appreciate more thru time.  I remember taking a trip to go dig thru the crates of a barn for albums and music artifacts with DaWitch.  On this ride, Freddie, told me how we was just now working on a project started 10+ years ago.
     Meaning, he had recordings of musicians and songs that people worked on and hadn’t heard (completed) in over a decade.  At the pace and with the goal I had in mind (then), I could not fathom what he was saying.  As I began refining my art, I realized how fast 10 years of time molding an art piece can quickly come to be.  I recorded Oddly Awkward and I’m Only Crazy one night in Berlin, in 2013.

     Lola no words written would suffice.  The irony and bittersweet collaboration of “Miss You Issues” says it all.  More than #gratitude for our moment of creation and growth.

     Papin you provided a space to record and mix F.A.N.S, a place to sleep and creative space to build.  Thanks for the introduction to some good French hip-hop and music… and some good laughs! ( I still cannot say your name properly! )

thank you for stepping up to perform with me at The Folklore Centrum with Izzy Young.  Thank you to Lisa Simpson on the saxophone and your determination to play. Your saxophone is what creates the core sonic memory on “D.A.F.H.A.H.”  I Can only imagine what you’re doing on the piano and sax 6 years later!

     Charley Rose, you’re a savant in the making.  Your “practice take” made it on the  “D.A.F.H.A.H. -instrumental.”  And that other song will be released with you dancing in the video.

     JahLingua, thank you for the studio and apartment.  The space and time alone in Berlin allowed for me to break the cocoon and grow exponentially.  Every song on this EP had a moment on the mic or on the mixing table in your studio.  You were there at the very beginning of “this” thing and I appreciate the push and encouragement you gave and continue to give.  “Remember to Laugh” and “Damn, Homie!” are on deck for release.

, I’m having “Miss You Issues.” Sandra recorded the sax for “D.A.F.H.A.H.” and the keys for “Miss You Issues” at your studio.  Mirjamie recorded her vocals for “D.A.F.H.A.H.” and “Change is Changing Me” at your studio.  Outside of H.O.M.E. more music has been recorded or mixed at your studio than anywhere else.  Gratitude and ever-growing appreciation for your being and the creative space to expand.

     Eddie, Pernilla, Josephine, Ella, Tobias, Mirjamie – Thank you for opening your kitchens and bedrooms to record the hook to “D.A.F.H.A.H.”

     Thank you for all of the moments created and shared making this.  #Appreciation and #Gratitude.

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