D.A.F.H.A.H., as were all of the songs from the F.A.N.S (EP), was created during a unique creative breakout.

I had recently departed the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica resonating with vibration to vibe.  I was now in search of the stimuli needed to complete Money Cant Kill Music (#MCKM).

I arrived in Germany, Berlin, and had to rest after being reintroduced to snow.  There was some necessary adjustment time spent at Jah Lingua’s studio off of Sonnen Allee before I set out to share the only song I had complete at the time, “Born”, and to see what would happen next.

In Berlin, during a street festival on May 5, 2012, I put my headphones over-the-head of Lala Lola.  Fast-forward a few months and several creative endeavors … and here we are.  Sitting in the apartment when Lola returns from a session with Iggy and plays a song idea for me to hear.

After the first play of the song she asked what my thoughts were. I heard the story of Loveless and said that “I’ve got something for it.”  Fast-forward a small bit… and I wrote and recorded additional parts to the story.

Isiko was a producer and artist.  He was trying to build a brand and find his own lane in the German & Baltic hip-hop scene.  Kruetzberg was the spot.  He wanted to do nothing but music. D.A.F.H.A.H. wasn’t anything that was going to move up his to-do list anytime soon. So I asked for the stems whereas I could complete the song.

The beat stems came from the producer of the track.
The vocal stems of Lola came from Isiko.
I tracked Lola and myself at Papin’s house.
And there we had a semi-recorded, incomplete idea that I saw had potential.

I head to Stockholm and meet a pianist and saxophonist by the name of Sandra Jane.  I asked her if she was open to meet for a conversation and to listen to some music.  She obliged.

I had the idea to put a saxophone on D.A.F.H.A.H. and keys on Miss You Issues.  In one evening both goals were accomplished.  After some takes vibing to D.A.F.H.A.H., Sandra laid the first of several harmonies that would give the track the live touch it needed.

It was also on this day that Sandra shared how she had come to play the Sax.  It was that Simpson’s episode when Lisa plays the sax her own way.

Sandra said that she entered her parent’s room after the episode aired and told them that she wanted to play the sax… and in the not too distant future… they got her a sax.  And here she was in the kitchen, playing out the end of D.A.F.H.A.H. as Lisa did on that episode.

Whilst in Stockholm, I ask several of the people I’d shared fantabulous moments with if they would help sing along to the songs celebratory chorus.  Before they could say no, I had the microphone setup and ready to record in their bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

None of the choir vocals on D.A.F.H.A.H. were recorded in anything remotely considered a studio. Eddie, Tobias, Simona, Rebecka, Mirjamie, Josephine, Ella and Pernilla were all recorded within the comfy confines of their home abodes.

And shortly thereafter, i returned to Berlin and had a small showcase with Lala Lola at ZFK, after meeting Christof via Laurent and Severin.  Lola and I performed D.A.F.H.A.H. probably for the first and last time on this evening.  (ps. I’ve never seen weed smoked as many ways as I did in Christof’s office this night… update on this later)

NOTE: Every song on F.A.N.S had a “remix” before the original version was ever shared.  D.A.F.H.A.H.‘s best remix was produced by Sebastian (aka Seb Art) after a meeting & co-collaboration in Grenoble, France.

Fast-forward a bit more.  Well a lot more… like 4.5 years, and now I have F.A.N.S sitting in front of me.

And after the first good mix session with Labros and listening with a few people at H.O.M.E. Studios, I fully understood why there was no better song to release first.  Of all the songs I’m set to share… It’s the rawest and most underdeveloped … And yet it’s still quite strong.  The picture and placement of D.A.F.H.A.H. will become more clear as the vast catalogue of music sitting on my laptop becomes available for all to hear.

With Labros on deck to keep building together in preparation to share OUR MASTERPIECE… and after a last shot at D.A.F.H.A.H. from Saxophonist Charley Rose, it was time to release the song.

Stylistically, D.A.F.H.A.H. is a classic throwback to the 90’s Hip-Hop ear with Jazzy undertones and a catchy party hook.

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