Looking For The “Real” DJ’s

Once upon a time, there was a now mythical creature called the DJ.
The DJ was highly sought after and well respected.
The DJ spent hours digging in the crates for ‘that something.’
They would seek the unfamiliar, non-popular and previously
unheard sonic vibrations to later share with an unassuming listener.

The original voice of the DJ was their playlist.
The DJ’s influence grew with their ability to play one tune after another
while creating, managing and building moments based on observing
an audience. This was called “moving the crowd.” 

This ability to move the crowd was seen as an asset.
The DJ’s slowly became radio personalities.
Early in this transition, the DJ was allowed
to choose their own playlist. As radio strengthened it’s ties
with financial interests of sponsors, labels and money interests…
the playlist of the DJ changed dramatically.

The DJ had to make a decision. Keep the position of influence
associated with popularity and success (personality) or keep their
playlist, poise and passionate playing preferences unaffected by
outside sources.

What happened?
Popularity trumped passion.
Money tainted movements.
Egos begot egos.

Now DJ’s no longer break new artists, sounds or create trends.
They are pawns in a game controlled by the short-term interest
of a few and long-term interest of fewer.

I used to know real DJ’s.
They cared about lyrics as much as sound as much as style as
much as form as much as presentation.
These DJ’s cared because
Music is the soundtrack to life.

Listen to the soundtrack of your DJ’s today.
What’s the theme of their playlist?

SHARE and TAG a real DJ.
I know you’re out there.
We need you!


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